Rehab programs

Individually designed for you

We offer individualized intensive training with maximum of flexibility to target the participants special needs and goals. You can choose a more targeted program or mix the training to build your own unique program together with our experienced and dedicated team. Our rehab is highly intensive but we always set up the days to meet every participant's individual needs of rest and recovery. Experience from previous intensive rehab programs shows that participants with brain fog/fatigue become less tired with increased activity.

Speech and Language program

Multimodal intensive training with focus on speech and language deficits after stroke or traumatic brain injury. We asses and rehabilitate problems with aphasia, apraxia of speech, dysarthria and voice. The program consists of consultation with neurologist, speech-language training individually and in group lead by speech language pathologists and additional daily physiotherapy.   

Motor skills program

Multimodal training with focus on physiotherapy with additional speech language or cognitive communicative training if needed. The training is goal orientated and you work on different targeted functions (motor control, muscle strength, balance) of the body (core, legs, arms, hands).

Cognitive and Communication program

Teambased multimodal cognitive communicative training with exercises consisting of both motor training and cognitive-communicative exercises individually and in group settings to target different everyday situations and needs.


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