Improved function with intensive neuro rehab

Research and experience show that with the right training and stimulation, it is entirely possible for the brain to recreate lost function many years after an acquired brain injury has occurred. For maximum recovery, the rehabilitation should be intensive and individually designed for each person, with specific and repetitive training in as enriched an environment as possible. This is well known amongst researchers around the world, and at Hedla we put it into practice.  

Quality and clinical expertise

Hedla's rehabilitation programs are based on extensive clinical experience as well as the basic principles of neuroplasticity, which is the brain's ability to develop and reorganize itself in response to new experiences, stimuli and challenges. Our team consists of highly qualified physiotherapists, speech language pathologists and neurologists who all specialize in neurological function and the brain's ability to recover and restore lost functions after injury or illness.

Participants from all over Europe

Access to intensive and team-based rehabilitation varies greatly between and within different countries, with a significant lack of availability in many places. At Hedla, we receive people with stroke, traumatic brain injury, neurological disabilities after Covid-19 and other neurological diagnoses such as Parkinson's and MS. The participants in our programs are mainly from Europe with an emphasis on Scandinavia, Spain and the United Kingdom.


A holistic approach to the latest research

Hedla was founded in 2018 by Swedish entrepreneur Lars Hedlund. After having suffered a stroke himself he spent more than a decade conducting an extensive search for a neurological rehabilitation center that applied all the latest research to their clinical practice. This unsuccessful attempt eventually led to the founding of Hedla, with the goal of making the most effective neurological rehabilitation available to more people.

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