Intensive and evidence-based rehab

Hedla is one of the leading clinics in Europe in the field of stroke and traumatic brain injury rehabilitation. The programs are individually set up and based on the latest principles on neuroplasticity combined with extended clinical experience.

We provide teambased rehab with highly qualified and engaged neurologists, speech language pathologists and physiotherapists.

It is never too late for rehab

Science has shown that improvements can be made many years after the injury with intensive rehabilitation. Outcomes in stroke rehab depends on motivation. We help you to utilise your full potential and reach your goals. 

Neuro rehab in the sun

Hedla was built by a Dutch diplomat who fell in love with Costa Tropical. 

Our facilities are surrounded by a big luminous green garden filled with trees, beautiful flowers and other plants. We are based in Taramay-Velilla, a calm part of Almuñécar next to the beach and several parks.

The center is completely adapted with a heated rehab pool and outdoor areas specially designed for neuro rehabilitation. 

Rehab programs

New programs start every third week with a break during summer. You can individualize the length and content of your stay. 

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